Monday, March 28, 2016

Scrap Challenge- Squares

Every week i am posting a new challenge. let's get out of our scrapbooking "go-to-box".  Let's do less pinning and dreaming..... actually MAKE something.   even a little part of a project is better than nothing ;)

This week's challenge!!this week, you can blame my 4 year old daughter. i asked what her favorite shape was.... at this moment, it's a square. Soooo.... 
how many squares can you use on a page? wink emoticon
finish the challenge and then post a pic!!!! 
this is an easy one!!!! i should see looooooooots of photos wink emoticon
( last week her favorite shape was a star, so i thought it would be a little harder of a challenge....oh well ;))

My response?
started with a 12x12 project life pocket page.... and i thought i was going to be cutting lots of squares. NOPE! they were mostly rectangles... oops!
here's a square photo with a square mat!!!
Since i have lots of photos of this trip, i also made a standard 12x12 page spread and made sure there were more squares! ;)

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