Monday, March 28, 2016

Scrap Challenge- BIG events

Every week i am posting a new challenge. let's get out of our scrapbooking "go-to-box".  Let's do less pinning and dreaming..... actually MAKE something.   even a little part of a project is better than nothing ;)

This week's challenge!

if you're like me, when it comes to would rather complete a few small things rather than tackle a big event. i dont think i've finished a "Christmas morning" scrap page in 6 years!!!
lets fix that.
this weeks challenge is to dive into a big event. if you are not able to scrap it, make some sort of progress. scrap PART of it, organize photos of your event, pick out papers and make a kit, break down that "Christmas 2010" into smaller piles to make into pages {christmas eve, morning, santa,).etc.
this is for any event that just seems overwhelming with photos, memorabilia, etc.: birthdays, weddings, holidays,vacation, sport tournament, new baby/pet, etc.
remember to post pics, even if its just progress in organizing piles into other piles....wink emoticon
we can do it! baby steps;);)

My Response.... 

a camping trip done!!! 5 pages.... and what a weight lifted with that one done!!!!

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