Monday, March 28, 2016

Scrap Challenge- Old, New, borrowed, blue

Every week i am posting a new challenge. let's get out of our scrapbooking "go-to-box".  Let's do less pinning and dreaming..... actually MAKE something.   even a little part of a project is better than nothing ;)
This week's challenge!!!!
going through all of my disaster (aka my craft area) i realized i have 2 weddings to scrapbook that my family stood up in.... meaning biiiig piles of pics .yikes.
soooo..the challenge is to create with ....something old, something new, something borrowed and/or something blue;)
dont forget to post pics;)

My response? 
ive had this "superhero" file for a looooong time ( OLD!) , and finally cut it ! {NEW CUTS!) i am using for pics that are 2 years old (OLD). the "bam" file i just purchased last week (NEW!)...and there is blue in there (BLUE!)!!
so close to having all of them... nothing borrowed this time around ;) wink emoticon 

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