Sunday, October 27, 2013

DT doodles- week 41

Hi all!
i am soooooo excited that this upcoming weekend i am going to a weekend scrapbook retreat with my girlfriends!!! as much as i love my hubby and my kids, it will be SO nice to get away and get a little pampered. 3 days of pure scrapbooking- no cooking, no cleaning, no "maaaaaa-maaaaaaaa" and no "... but i dont want that for dinner!". yup. sounds like a little bit of heaven.
in trying to prepare and pack for the weekend, i was able to do a little scrappin' before i even left!  thanks to the Kiwi Lane team, i was able to finish up a page from this past summer pretty quickly (well, for my standards at least ;)!

here's my inspiration sketch:

--and  here's my interpretation:

i bought this paper pack a looooong time ago- i just loved the bright and happy colors. i was also able to use 3 packs of stickers that i "had to have" b/c they were on clearance and i liked them... i knew i would use them... eventually... :)  happy to say that i found the perfect project for them!
Hope y'all had a great week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jenna and Matthew's Wedding Invite Suite

Jenna is marrying into my BFF's family... so naturally i was super excited to work with her. Let's just say this girl is all kinds of awesomeness- she's funny, sweet, and beautiful-- and i only physically met her once to pick up her invites :) Matt.. you are a lucky man ;)

Anyways, Jenna and Matt send me a photo inspiration from her pinterest account. They loved the look of the pinned sample, but we not thrilled with the price tag accompanying it.  With a few tweaks, we were able to create the following suite for almost half of the other design. i say that's a win :)

We used Navy blue (recycled!) cardstock as the base of the invite. white cardstock layers were used for the top layer ( wording).  I introduced my Cricut to Scrapping Innovations and was able to create and cut the "ribbon" from white cardstock with printed pink gingham.
 The wrap closure was made from the navy cardstock and a white cardstock punch out.
The Reception card was made with a layer of the white cardstock and a layer of the navy cardstock. The RSVP card is a single layer of white cardstock.
RSVP envelopes as well as the inner and outer envelopes included printing in matching fonts (not pictured).

All in all, it was a very fun invite suite to create and i hoping the bride and groom like it as much as i do. :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soleil and Matt single fold over programs

very now and then i get the honor to design something for people that i know :) In this occasion, i was able to design wedding programs for two past coworkers! (they were "just" friends when i met them ;))  Soleil and Matt wanted a simple and elegant single fold program.
i was able to take graphics from their wedding invitation and use them in their programs.
Printing on a matte white cardstock, their wedding programs included their wedding party, ceremony order, a beautiful thank you note and a memorial section.

Congrats to the beautiful couple inside and out :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I want to be a Kiwi Lane Designer!!

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am obsessed with scrapbooking. (As in I might need a support group or a patch)  It’s my creative outlet, my “happy place”, my challenge,  my “me” time, my credit card usage, my sanity, my passion, my hobby,  my “thing”. It calms me down and excites me at the same time. I made some amazing friendships over the use of paper and cutters. It’s my own personal way to take a moment, slow down and reflect and appreciate all that I have in the middle of my crazy and busy day-to-day stay-at-home-with-two-young-kids life. It’s my therapy.  I love it.

I was introduced to Kiwi Lane and their framing process at the Mega Meet in Novi in May of 2012. I was drawn to the beautiful pages hanging on the walls of their booth. It was so simple, yet the examples had such an incredible impact on me. The fact that I could use what I already had was a HUGE plus- I already owned a million stickers that never get used and I have a serious issue with buying paper (I think I have a larger paper stash than most of the local scrapbook stores combined--like I said, I need a patch!!).

Besides the ease of using and creating with the templates, my favorite part of the Kiwi lane company is the DT Doodles sketch/challenge.  The ideas are amazing! My biggest challenge in scrapbooking is creating pages using (most of) my huge stack of pictures.  Most magazines and blogs show sketches using 1 or 2 pictures—I already have a million pictures/ pages to complete and only using one 2x2” picture on a 12x12” page is not an option for me :) I am so thankful Kiwi Designers are like me in the fact they want to actually scrapbook the photos they took- whatta concept ;)!!! I have submitted a handful of layouts to the DT challenges over the past 8+ months and I even won a challenge in February!  For the weeks I am not able to participate in the challenge, I print the design sketches and keep them in an ideas binder for future reference.  They are my “go-to” guide since I am trying soooo hard to catch up on my scrapbooking.

I currently own the original, big shot, and sizzlit sizzix cutting machines, a cricut expression, and a wishblade cutter... yet, I find myself using my kiwi lane templates and a trusty pair of scissors on most of my pages!  Lately, I have been scrapping outside my home, so bringing huge and heavy machines, cartridges, laptops, etc are just not practical. Between my DT doodles sketch printouts, my ring of templates, and my finished pages... I always end up with a couple of ladies asking where they can get ‘that stuff’.  At the last crop I went to, we were half-joking about getting Kiwi lane business cards to hand out so I didn’t have to write down the web site as often ;)!

I would LOVE to be a Kiwi Designer and I feel I would be an asset to the Kiwi Lane design team for two main reasons: I believe in the product and I love the process.  My scrapbooks have improved drastically in the past year, with much thanks going to Kiwi Lane and the designers behind it. I want to be able to inspire others the way the past design teams have inspired and challenged me. I see the Kiwi Lane templates as my Little Black Dress of scrapbooking—I can quickly ‘dress’ a layout up or down by just changing some paper patterns/ colors and switching out a template or two. I love love love that I do not have to buy super expensive stickers and embellishments (or spend HOURS trying to making something similar b/c I do not have the unlimited scrapbook budget!) to make a layout look great. I want to be a part of a team to help encourage others to keep scrapping, even if they are on a budget or have limited scrapping time (isn’t that everyone?).  I want others to know and be confident that it can be done- and I want to show them examples of how to do it.
I consider myself a ‘seasoned’ scrapbooker- I will never see myself as an ‘expert’ because I want to keep growing and learn new things; however, I feel I am at a level that I learn more by teaching and guiding others. I love the challenge of seeing ideas from various layouts, sketches, and other designers and then adding my own personal spin to create a new idea (I think I am physically unable to follow a sketch or page kit layout- I always tweak something- must be the Engineer in me!). I want to keep growing in my craft, and I want to help others grow as well.

 I love Kiwi Lane and I would be honored to be called a Kiwi Designer... but it doesn’t matter if I become an “official” designer or not, I already consider myself to be a huge Kiwi Fan and a Kiwi Girl ;)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for a designer position. Happy Scrapping!

A sample of my recent scrapbook pages:

“Holy Cross Preschool”
my favorite part- I had so many pictures that I “had” to use, I created pockets and put the extra pictures in there.
Templates Used- Happy Trails#1, Aspen Court #3, Paisley Place #3, Brackets #3, Tiny Tags #5, #6, #7
Title and paper clip design from

“Apple Picking”
My favorite part- the large tree made from many small inked die cut “clouds”; the use of the contrasting red apple in the circle mats throughout all the pages.
No Kiwi templates were used

“Cutting down the Christmas Tree”
my favorite part- I had the tree die cuts in my stash for a loooong time and was finally able to use them- great contrast against the ripped vellum “snow”
Templates used- Happy trails #1, various Paisley Place and Happy trails templates on the vellum “snow”

“Music to my Ears”
my favorite part- I was able to fit all my pictures onto a one page spread while using up lots of old “mis-matched” scraps!
Templates used- Brackets #1, #3, Happy trails #3, Tint tags #1, #6
Title design from, music notes are Cricut

“Pizza Party”
my favorite part- I love how the kiwi templates emphases the great semi-eclectic color theme
Templates used: Paisley Place #1, #3, Tiny Tags #1
Title and banner design from

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cathy and Peter's Gate Fold wedding program

Cathy and Peter loved our gate fold wedding program! Printed on champagne paper, the program showcases their monogram initial as a watermark on all sides of the program. The front includes event information such as their names, wedding date and location. When the cover is opened, a beautiful quote and cute short "story" is placed on the right flap. Once the program is fully opened, their wedding party and wedding ceremony itinerary fills the page with the beautiful romantic fonts ( the script font matches their wedding invite!) The back of the program includes an "in memory" section as well as a heartfelt thank you note to thier guests.  A wrap closure/belly band made of "old gold" metallic paper, is also included with a peel and stick adhesive- their names and initial is also printed on the front.

congrats to the bride and groom!

Jen and Mike's Booklet wedding program

Jen and Mike loved the look of our booklet programs. They ended up choosing a standard size (4.25x5.5") booklet with an outer tag, and then added an additional insert page for 8 pages of writing. The extra pages were needed to include their ceremony order, a thank you note,in memory section,  and a brief (Very fun!) paragraph about each bridesmaid and groomsmen.  The first page, which provided the standard  names/wedding date/location information was combined with a drawing created and given to the couple by one of their young attendants. So sweet!

the cover of the booklet is a deep metallic navy blue. the champagne colored insert pages were ties together using a silver colored ribbon. The outer tag was also created with the champagne paper.

All in all ...a beautiful wedding program with lots of personality. :) love it!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jennifer & John's mini scroll program

Jennifer and John loved our mini scroll programs! we used an ivory paper and printed in gold and a deep plum.

We included the wedding ceremony, their wedding party, and at the top of the program: a thank you to their guests. I love the way the layout turned out!

Mocha and Dark Brown ribbon was also included in their order to hold the shape of the rolled program!

congrats to the bride and groom! :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sophie and Scott's Scroll Program

Sophie and Scott were referred to us by their wedding musician :) I was asked to recreate a similar scroll program from the sample they were shown!  ( have i mentioned how touched i am for all the referrals?? :) )

we used a charcoal gray font for most of the invitation, with a light pink monogram behind the ceremony information.  The program was printed on white matte paper- an ivory ribbon was provided to roll/tie the programs into shape.

congrats to the bride and groom!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kiwi Lane, DT doodles week 20

Crazy to think we are 20 weeks into the year already!! Memorial day is here, school is almost out... and it's currently in the 60's in SE Michigan ( yes, it was 90 earlier this week!). Anyway, my scrappy girls and i got together yesterday to celebrate the un-boat-like weather and had almost 12 hours of kid free scrapping. let the choirs sing, b/c it really was that beautiful and we really did get a lot accomplished!  One such layout i completed just happens to be based on this week's sketch from Kiwi Lane's DT Doodles challenge.  i ( as always) had more pictures than their sketch, but i just used the "journaling" sections as more locations for photos.  the best part? i actually got to use REAL kiwi lane templates instead of my usual "winging it" curves. OMG- so much easier. i am in love :) <3 br="">
here is my oldest at her christmas concert... we took a ton of videos during the performance, so here are the "after"shots with family, friends, and her teacher.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

HJWC Programs and wordle

Once again, i had the privilege of working on something for the HJWC, Hinsdale Junior Woman's Club. This time, it was programs for the group's end of the year meeting and celebration.

We used the Gate Fold program design, printed on white metallic papers.  The navy and pink logo was printed on the top of the cover and inside of the program, as well as matching borders along the edges.  Navy blue text was used throughout the program.  A light pink wrap with the Logo printed in the center was also included.

I was also presented with the challenge of creating my first "wordles".  I was provided some amazing quotes and had to turn them into art- i think they turned out ok for my first try ;)

best of luck, ladies!

Monday, May 6, 2013

DT Doodles, week 18

I have completed more scrap pages in the past 5 months than i think i have in the last 3 years!  It's amazing when you have "space" and organization how much you can get done. i have also learned to section my scrapping into different days: organize photos, pick out papers/embellishments, attach photos/backings to backdrop, design on the computer then cut later, etc. Yes, from start to finish it takes days to weeks to finish a layout, but if i have 20 minutes (think 'nap time' ) i can get one thing done and leave it out (key!!!) until the next time i have a spare moment. slowly, the pages get finished....amazing. :) why didn't i do this years ago! 

speaking of never catching up... here is my latest layout, thanks to Kiwi Lane's DT challenge. This is my daughter with one of her favorite meals- spaghetti ( have i mentioned she'll be 5 years old this week??? and yes, spaghetti is still one of her favorites!). I think my family is one of the only families-- note: we're Italian-- in the world that calls it "basta".. yes, with a "b".  So when i broke out the cricut this evening, of course, i found a "pasta" cut out; instead of redesigning something (again, think time-saver!), i used it to my advantage and just added a big 'ole "B" to draw attention to the fact that my family is a little different and it's ok ;)
Manga! :) and happy scrapping... :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy National Scrapbooking day! Aren't you excited??? This rates up there with my favorite holidays, just behind Christmas and right in line with any holiday that celebrates the love of chocolate and brownies.

Last year, i spent the day in Novi, Michigan at my first scrapbooking show (yaaaay!). This year, i will be spending the day doing much needed yard work and laundry (boooo!!), but i still was able to get a little scrapping time in tonight- i'm also hoping that if i can finish all of my chores, i can reward myself with some scrapping time. sounds good, right?? well, we'll see what the day brings!

You have heard me praise Kiwi Lane a few times already, but i'll mention them again!  They are having a huge sale to celebrate NSD ( and yes, i have my list ready!) and they are also hosting a few competitions. Here is my submission for Challenge #2- the Picture Perfect Layout, where i had to use 8 or more photos.
Each year, my husband and i buy small valentines gifts for our girls- Being a stay at home mom, i get to give them their gifts first... and that means the scrap page gets completed first too ;)Both girls got a felt bag, a pair of fun socks, a book, and some cookies.
I love my little valentines :)
the photo that got the "flash" light is my oldest daughter "reading" to her baby sister. :)

here's more info on the challenge:

and,as always, Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Melody and Drew Modern Twist Layer Program

Melody and Drew loved our 4 layer modern (twist) programs. They loved the look of the etsy listing so much, we actually kept the same fonts and color schemes as the original design :)

Their wedding ceremony, participants, thank you note and in memory section are printed in a brown ink on the white cardstock programs. The titles and dot design along the left side of each page are printed in orange.  All pages are hole punched and held together with a bronze brad.

Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

April and Kyle's Scroll Programs

April and Kyle loved our scroll programs!  At first we started with the Mini Scroll, but there was too much information to fit in the space, so we upgraded to the full size scroll- and everything fit! :)

using a cream paper as the program base, their ceremony order, wedding party, and in memory section was printed in light blue, peach and brown fonts for a vintage feel.  Light blue and peach ribbon are included for holding the shape of the rolled programs.

congrats to the bride and groom! best of luck to you both!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DT doodles week 11

to conclude by very busy yet productive week, i finished a 2 page scrap page layout!

excuse the flash glare in the elephant ear picture... and maybe one day i will actually BE in some of the pictures i scrapbook. i was there. promise! :)

here is my inspiration layout.  i totally want to be a kiwi lane  designer. that has to be the best job ever :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!!