Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pearlescent/Metallic Paper Colors

Many of our items are made with the option of pearlescent papers. The gorgeous soft sparkle on both sides adds an elegant metallic and shimmer finish.  

Cardstock/Paper options (no printing): all colors shown with the exception of “Sky” (not available in either flat cardstock or papers).

Text (top) layers to all Invitations and Programs:  White, Champagne, Light Pink, Silver, Aqua, Punch, Copper, Red, Gold, Lavender, Fairway, Peach, Cappuccino,  Mint, Light Purple, Bright Pink, Vista, Orange, Old Gold, Garden, Light Blue, and Lime. (For the darker colored papers: Black ink recommended. Not recommended for intricate designs/fonts)

Portrait Pocketfolder: White, Champagne, Light Pink, Silver, Aqua, Steel, Punch, Copper, Bronze, Gold,  Brick, Lavender, Sky, Ruby, Fairway, Mint, Black, Light Purple, Navy, Bright Pink, Vista, Orange, Old Gold, and Light Blue.

Cascade and Landscape Pocketfolder: Black, Navy, White, Champagne, Silver, Bronze, Brick, Aqua, Fairway, Steel, Old Gold, Bright Pink, Copper, Light Blue and Ruby.

Petal Folder: Black, Navy, White, Champagne, Silver, Bronze, Brick, Aqua, Fairway, Old Gold, Copper, Light Blue, Vista, Punch, Orange, Gold, and Light Pink.

Pocket (1/2 Sleeve) Folder: Black, Navy, White, Champagne, Silver, Bronze, Brick, Aqua, Fairway, Steel, Old Gold, Bright Pink, Copper, Light Blue, Gold, and Ruby. 

Full Sleeve: Black, Navy, White, Champagne, Silver, Bronze, Brick, Aqua, Fairway, Old Gold and Light Blue.

Note: The paper color must be lighter than your ink color. (We cannot print "white"). 
Matte and recycled color options are available upon request.

As a bonus to the environment: This paper is recyclable, acid free, and elemental chlorine free. No metals or foils are used in production of the paper!

Please confirm your color selections prior to ordering to verify production and stock.

Memorial Candle Lanterns Quotes and Phrases

New for the 2012 year, Scrapping Innovations will be offering two sizes of Memorial Candle Lanterns.
Here is a list of possible quotes you can use (or combine) to honor those who are with us in spirit. You are also welcome to submit your own sentiment.

1. For those who are in our hearts today and always . Bless us in spirit as we begin our new life together
2. Forever in our hearts, Forever in our lives
3. In Loving Memory of those who have gone before us
4. On our Wedding Day, we share our happiness with those who live in our hearts.
5. For those we have loved and lost along the way, A light to remember them shines here today
6. May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, And the rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
7. For those gone in presence but here in spirit. This light shines as a symbol of lives and loves remembered
8. In our hearts your memory lingers, sweetly tender, fond and true. There is not a day that we do not think of you.
9. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you and whispered "Come to Me". A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands now rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.
10. Nothing can ever take away the love a heart holds dear. Fond memories linger every day, Remembrance keeps you near.
11. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.  You are loved beyond words,  and missed beyond measure.
12. On our Wedding Day we share our happiness with those who live in our hearts.
13. This light shines as a symbol of lives and loves remembered
14. In loving memory of (name) who is present in our hearts
15. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure
16. Your presence we miss, your memory we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never
17. Let this light be a loving reminder that someone is missing today, Someone our hearts still hold on to, As we travel along life's way. Someone who made life so special, for all those who gather here, Someone who won't be forgotten, But cherished from year to year. And now as we pause to remember, Let us all fondly recall, How dearly each of us loved him(her),  and how he(she) loved us all.
18. If roses grow in heaven, Lord, please pick a bunch for me. Place them in my loved one’s arms and tell them they’re from me. Tell them I love and miss them, And when they turn to smile,  Place a kiss upon their cheek and hold them for a while. Because remembering them is easy, I do it everyday, But there’s an ache within my heart Because I’m missing them today. When everything is said and done, I will cherish this day with a smile Because I know they are here with us as we are walking down the aisle.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We'll be back in October!

Hi everyone!

In case you haven't heard, we are expecting Baby#2 in just a few short weeks!  With that said, we are closing the shopping cart on our website ( and our etsy shop (  until the first week of October.  We will be using this time to update the sites and include new items for the 2012 year... plus, adjust to life as "four" :)

Please feel free to send an email to as I will be periodically checking my 
email and answering questions during this time.

During this time, I will also be posting some "teaser" photos of our new items on our facebook page (  Make sure you become a fan so you will receive notification of new photos and the revealing of the updated websites!

Enjoy the start of the autumn season.... and we'll see you in October!
<3 Steph

Lia and Rocky's Circle Cut Out Wedding Programs

Lia and Rocky loved our circle cut out programs for their wedding ceremony.

Using a black metallic paper as the front and back covers, white metallic paper for the insert layers, and "Philly Flyer" orange (well, close anyways!) ribbon- we created their programs!

The couple provided their monogram graphic to use as the image on the first insert page-- which you can see from the outside of the program due to the circle cut out.  A combination of black and gray fonts filled the pages of the program to include an intro "cover", wedding party, ceremony order and a special note page with a thank you, in memory and "did you know" section.

Congrats to the bride and groom!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amy's Owl-Themed Baby Shower Items

A few years ago i worked on wedding programs for Amy and Peter's wedding ceremony. Now, i have the privilege of working with Kathee (Amy's mom) again to work on items for their baby shower!

Matching a red and aqua Owl theme, we created two designs of candy covers (for peppermint patties). One with the owls, and one with "Amy's baby shower" in matching colors.  The white matte cardstock is a perfect base for the candies, while the red and aqua metallic paper layers add a perfect amount of color and sparkle to the covers. The top layer includes the printing.  Both the top and the bottom covers include adhesive for easy peel n' stick assembly to the candies.

Kathee found a photo of a "wishes for baby" card on the internet.  With some modifications to the design, we recreated a similar card using the red/aqua theme.

i was also able to find an owl punch-- so confetti was created! using the white/aqua/red metallic papers owls were punched.

Congrats to the mom and dad to be! and thank you to Kathee for thinking of me again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nicole and Ricky Scroll Program

Nicole and Rick loved our scroll programs. Using a white/cream/black color theme, we created a program to showcase their wedding ceremony, bridal party, in memory section as well as a heartfelt thank you.

The programs were printed on white matte paper and included cream and black printing. Black ribbon was also included for holding the shape of the rolled program.

Congrats to the bride and groom! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Casey Baby "Sprinkle" Invitations

Casey (and hubby!) is expecting baby #2, and her Mom and Mother in law are throwing her a mini baby shower ( a Sprinkle... isnt that cute???).
The mom- and dad-to-be are going for a rocket ship theme for the new baby boy, so it was only fitting to create a space theme invite.

Using a single layer white matte cardstock 5x7" card, a combination of blues, browns and greens were used to create a star border with a rocket ship in the center of the invite.
Wrap around labels were also created (the host's address will be on the back of the envelopes, and the guest's names will be on the front of the envelope-- all using the same label!). Blue stars and matching fonts/colors tie in the labels to the invites.
White envelopes are also included.

Congrats to the parents and big-brother-to-be... and thanks to Michele for thinking of me once again! :)

Olivia and Travis Damask Wedding Items

Olivia and Travis elected to use our programs, candle lanterns, place cards, and dinner menus-- all with a black and white damask theme! i love coordinating items :)

The couple chose our tea-length single fond wedding programs. Using a white matte cardstock as the base, a damask graphic is printed on the cover with their names and wedding date/location.  The inside of the program includes a listing of the ceremony order as well as the wedding party. The back showcases a thank you note to those in attendance as well as those in spirit.

The Dinner menus are printed on metallic white paper. A damask print is included along the top edge of the page. The bride and groom's name is printed above the dinner selections.

The 2-layer flat place cards are created using a black metallic cardstock as the base and a white metallic top layer. The damask graphic used on the menus was also carried onto the place cards. The guest's names and table number are printed in coordinating fonts.

The table number candle lanterns also coordinate with the rest of the reception items!  A damask pattern is printed on the top and bottom of the vellum wraps. When assembled, they will form a candle lantern approx 8.25" tall and 3" in diameter. In addition to the table number, their names and wedding dates are included.

Congrats to the very happy couple!

Rachel and Dean Baby Thank You Notes

Rachel loved our baby shower invites that we created in June (
...and now she needs thank you notes!

Using the same design/fonts/colors as the invite, we created some fill-in-the-blank thank you postcards. the 4.25x5.5" flat card, printed on white matte cardstock, includes space for the "baby" to write in the name of the gift-giver, a line and check box section for describing the item, and a space for the baby to fill in his name (when the mommy- and daddy-to-be figure that part out!)
A white envelope is also included with each card.

Congrats to the parents to be!