Monday, November 28, 2011

Changes for 2012

As you may know, I officially started Scrapping Innovations after the birth of my first daughter, Kaitlyn, in 2008.  As with most sellers on etsy, although I will never be rich, my little business is a nice “helping income” and allows me to be a stay at home mom while keeping my sanity at the same time.  I am so touched that my etsy shop has taken off so well and received such positive feedback!
With the birth of our second daughter, Kristen, at the beginning of September, I am learning very fast that life with two kids is no joke :) In order to balance a happy family and satisfied clients, a few adjustment will be effective for new orders:

Here are some changes for the 2012 year...

* My etsy shop will include a few additional sizes and options for candle lanterns. A minimum of 10 lanterns will be required per order.

*My etsy shop will include a few options for dinner menus. There will be a $15 set up/design fee for each menu design. A minimum order of 100 will be required.  I will be accepting 1 menu order per month for completion.  If the order is completed early, I may accept an additional order(s).

*My etsy shop will include limited program options. There will be a $35 set up/design fee per program layout and will require a minimum order of 100.  I will be accepting 1 program order per month for completion.  If the order is completed early, I may accept an additional order(s).

* will be available for viewing as a "full catalog" of our products. The shopping cart will be turned off for sample orders.

*Other custom orders be accepted on a very limited basis.

Please give us a few days to adjust the website and etsy shop- we should be up and running with the changes December 1st. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me ( or send me a convo through etsy.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am thankful this Thanksgiving...

So many of my friends and family are posting things they are thankful for on facebook... I felt the need to join in on the fun.  It’s amazing how much we take for granted until we sit back and truly understand and appreciate what we have in our lives.

I am thankful for....
1.)    My husband: sure, we drive each other crazy every now and then, and I have a list of things I would like to “tweak” on him, but he’s my everything. He’s wonderful- a loving husband, a hard worker and provider for our family, a fantastic dad... and he even takes out the trash, changes the oil in my car,  and keeps the yard clean.  He’s the cornerstone to our family and I do not know what I would do without him.  No matter how hectic or uneventful my day is, he is there at each and every night to celebrate my triumphs and tribulations. He’s a great life coach and well as a student as we teach each other all of the time.  He’s providing me with a wonderful life and family. He’s irreplaceable in every sense of the word.  As each day passes I realize how lost I would be without him, and how thankful I am to have him as such an important figure in my life.
2.)    My daughter, Kaitlyn:  she reminds me to enjoy each day as she continues to grow at lightning speed. She makes me laugh with her innocence, and challenges me everyday to be the best person/mom I can be. She teaches me more than I ever thought I could learn from someone not yet in school.
3.)    My daughter, Kristen: at only 2 months old, I have learned so much from her. she reminded us that patience is a virtue, and that with faith and prayers, anything is possible.  She keeps me on my toes, makes sleep more precious, and makes me smile just because I am looking at a toothless grin.  I am reminded how much she needs me and loves me and proves the saying  “to the word I am one person, but to one person, I am the world” is true. I love how I can calm her down and make her smile when she is upset.  She proves that love is the greatest gifts one can give... and receive. 
4.)    the health of my family: I am so thankful that all I worry about is a cold or a runny nose.  I am thankful that the drugs in my cabinet consist of bottles like Asprin and Tylenol, and not more powerful drugs needed to sustain life or fight a serious disease.
5.)    the spare change in my purse: sure, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s one of those things that is needed. It pays for the roof over our head, the food on our plates, the clothes on our back, the tv playing in the background, etc. We do not have a swimming pool of coins like Scrooge McDuck, but it’s nice to know that we have enough money to pay for food tomorrow.
6.)    My husband’s job. With the current economy, it’s nice to know that we are getting a paycheck this month and will be able to afford all of the necessities as well as the “nice-sities” we have become accustomed too.  They provide wonderful health insurance.  The building is close to our house, allowing my husband to come home and be with his family each night.  He works hard, and his job recognizes and rewards him for it.  I’m proud of him, and I hope his company is too.
7.)    My education:  free education for children, the ability to graduate with a degree from high school and college...  Sure, my diploma is hanging on a wall in my basement office and my student loan bills are gradually getting paid while I am “retired” from engineering... but the education I received inside and outside the classroom is invaluable and it’s something that I wouldn’t redo or can have taken away from me. it’s also good to know that if something happens, I have that diploma (and work experience) to fall back on and support myself and our family if need be.
8.)    My new career, Stay at home mom:  it’s the most emotionally draining, time-sucking, adult conversation-less, and thankless job I have ever (and probably will ever) have. I am there. Always. 24/7/365 days of the year without a break and always on call. There is no such thing as “vacation”,  “sick” or “personal”  time.  My wardrobe is accessorized with spit up and PB&J- and sometimes I might get a shower before bed! I cannot expense lunches to the company or hang up on a customer. The pay sucks. The words “bad chair” and “pee pee”  are part of the lingo. Presentations include playdoh or crayons.  There’s nothing “glorious” about it. But it’s amazing. I get to see my children grow. I know them better than anyone else in this word.  I get to stare at them sleeping and play with them when they are awake. Soon, I will be able to be a school helper and field trip mom. I can feed them lunch and take them to the zoo on a random Monday.  They can run to me when they get a boo boo (and I do have to say that I am the best booboo kisser in the land) or need a hug.  I am so thankful our family can afford it. One of these days, many years from now, I’ll find out how I am doing on this job..... let’s hope for a positive review and maybe even a raise ;)
9.)     My new career, Scrapping Innovations:  between the mickey mouse episodes, piles of toys, and overall general lack of Adult conversation during the day, I am happy I can complete a job that I enjoy, am good at, and also helps financially.  I will never be rich- my volumes are fairly small, my prices are considered reasonable and  I only  take on a handful of clients at a time. But I love it. it’s a creative outlet with a purpose. My clients are thankful for my service, and I am thankful for being able to help them.  It’s gratifying knowing I am a small part of one of the biggest days of their lives.  Since I am internet based, I am able to work on my schedule around the kids and household chores.  I have the equipment to make my products as efficiently as possible and the space to be able to store all of my inventory.  I know my business is a “helping income” and I am not pressured to take on more jobs than I can handle. In comparison to my SAHM gig, I have semi instant gratification on a completed job- it’s amazing how far a little “good job, here’s a few bucks and a positive review” can go. My clients are the reason I am able to keep my small business going- and I am thankful for them too!.
10.) My parents: obviously, I would not be here without them- but it’s more than that. They provided us (my sister and me) with an ideal “storybook” childhood. They taught us what it means to love. Always there for us, they showed us the way to be “good people” and responsible adults. The guided us to make the right decisions, and how to pick ourselves up from our mistakes. They cheered for us on the sidelines and behind the scenes.  We had everything we needed and rarely went without something we wanted.  They taught me the value of a dollar and hard and honest work.  I would like to believe I make them proud, as I am proud to call them my Mom and Dad.  
11.) My sister:  We grew up together: we played house and dollies together, she wore (aka stole) my clothes, we blamed each other on the “oopsies” of life to mom and dad, and we have countless inside jokes.  As we have grown, even though our lives have (currently) drifted, we still remain close. She is a great auntie to my girls. We still have fun together.  Sisters by chance, and friends by choice.
12.) My inlaws: They are so supportive of everything i/we do. They have the great balance of being involved without smothering. They are great babysitters for our kids. They are the most loving, kind, generous, and friendly group of people I have ever met.  They welcomed me into the family with open arms. They did a great job raising and shaping my husband into the man he is today.  Holidays and gatherings are a wonderful amount of “craziness” that shows the love they have for one another.  I couldn’t ask for a better family to become a part of.
13.) My faith: I feel like I have taken this for granted and only recently truly appreciated it.  I am thankful for God and everything he has provided.  The power of prayer is incredible and reassuring.  I will try my best to remember that no matter what the circumstance, he has a plan.  He’ll guide us on the right path as long as I listen with an open heart.  I am amazed by the amount of love He has for us.
14.) My friends, my TRUE friends: i have a ton of acquaintances, I have many friends, but I only have a small handful of TRUE friends. They know my flaws and can laugh them off. they don’t care if my floors are clean, if I am wearing makeup, or what appetizers I am serving. They understand when I cant get to the phone or respond right away on an email. Distance means nothing.  having months apart from each other just seem like a short break when we are reunited.  No matter what we do when we are together, talk about via phone/online, or have going on in our day-to-day lives, they are in my heart and mind often.  Those to vent to, laugh with (and sometimes ‘at’), cry for, and share life together. Those friends are truly angels on earth.
15.) My extended family: grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles... I am blessed to be part of such a supportive and loving family. Through good times and bad, they are there to help and cheer each other on.  I always took it for granted, I thought every family was that close... I am learning  more and more each day that we have a special bond.  I am not sure how many other families can say they know and love their 4th cousins—but we can. We don’t see each other nearly as much as I would like, but that doesn’t mean our relationships and heartstrings are not strong.  I grew up with a family that heals with food  and hugs... and would never change a thing!
16.) Those loved ones I have lost, especially my Nana and Papa: It’s hard to lose someone you love. It’s hard to see people you love grieve for those they have lost.  Just because time has passed, it doesn’t mean we miss them any less.  I was honored to have them placed in my life in the first place. I am glad for the hurt, because it shows me just how much they meant to me. By missing those only with us in spirit, it is a daily reminder to appreciate those people that are still on earth with us-- because God can call them home at any time.  I have wonderful memories and very special guardian angels above. 
17.) My American Citizenship:  So many Americans risk(ed) their lives to defend and protect this country. So many people come to this country to find a better life for their family. So many nations ask for our help in a crisis.  We have running water, free education, quality health care, and help for the less fortunate. We have the right to vote, own land, carry a gun, and even complain about the government if we want to. And it’s all because I was born within the country’s borders.  God Bless the USA.
18.) Road blocks: I am in no way saying I had/have a difficult life, but I am thankful for every road block I have come across. Each struggle, decision, fork in the road, heartbreak, and closed door I encountered (either easy or hard, big or small) forced me to make a choice - and each has taught me a lesson in the process. I learned from the good choices as well as the mistakes. Life experiences are a great teacher, as long as you remember the lesson :)
19.) “me time”:  I love being around people, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a break from the responsibly of everyday life and just have a breather. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, housekeeper, cook, employee, etc....  so these “me” times are few and far between and now it’s a luxury that I am truly thankful for. It’s amazing how a trip to the grocery store alone or an hour with a good book can be so relaxing and reviving.  Those days “off” are like mini vacations and it helps me puts things in perspective- I am a better Me because of it.
20.) Technology: I rely on my computer and the internet each day. I am able to “talk” to customers even with a crying baby on my lap and I can be a global company with ease. I can look up countless amount of information with typing on a keyboard. I can access my calendar, to-do list, family photos, and coupons to my favorite store with a click of the mouse.  I don’t have to find a pencil to write a “thankful for” list- and I can add and edit without an eraser. I love how I can connect with friends and family with facebook, emails, and instant messaging at lightning speed, even if they are in a different state or time zone. Digital Cameras are one of the best inventions for active kids -  I cant imagine how much money I would spend on film/processing to see all different angles of my kids head (except her face!).  Television and Videos are perfect for those “I have to get things done” time when young kids are present. I hate to say it, but a 2 hour movie can be a lifesaver! My microwave and I are great friends for a fast lunch or defrosting meat for dinner.  
21.) Arts and Crafts:  these were my favorite subjects in school. I love to scrapbook. I love seeing Kaitlyn’s creativity with different mediums...and how she uses various items to show us how she sees the world. I even love to (on rare occasions) finish a project :-) . I love taking time to create.
22.) Every day: each morning is a new beginning:  another chance to learn, play, think, create, love, and be thankful for each blessing in my life.
23.)  The realization that I need to stop and smell the roses: I am glad I figured out how blessed I am at a “young” age. I still have time to enjoy every moment, to savoir every good thing and fix those that need repair. I know how good I have it. I need to stop complaining and sweating the small things, because they are, in fact, just small things.  My largest worries in life consist of things like hitting the snooze button (rather than the “dismiss” button!), minimizing the time mickey mouse is on the tv, looking through the sales papers to see if Meijer or Target has the best deals, and what to make for dinner.  I have a great life... and for that I am thankful.   

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kathryn And Albert Programs, place cards, table numbers, seating chart

Kathryn and Albert loved our gate fold wedding programs. Using a champagne colored paper, we printed the information (including a quote, wedding participants, ceremony order, and thank you) in deep chocolate brown ink.  Their monogram "M", printed in a light tan color, completed the background design. A gold metallic wrap is included  and showcases the couple's names and monogram.

In addition to the programs, the couple also ordered a poster seating chart (not shown),double sided table numbers (table number on the front, and a message to their guests on the back), and place cards for the head table.  The deep chocolate brown ink is carried throughout their order as well as the 2 fonts from the program.  The seating chart is printed on photo poster paper, and the remainder of the items were printed on matte ivory card stock.

Congrats to the bride and groom!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kameron and Brock Mini Scroll Programs

Kameron and Brock loved our new mini scroll programs. Using their wedding colors, we created a program to showcase their wedding ceremony, bridal party,quote, ceremony information and a heartfelt thank you. 

The programs were printed on cream matte paper and included printing in eggplant purple and deep green.  A light pink monogram matches the included light pink ribbon for holding the shape of the rolled program.

Congrats to the bride and groom! :)