Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Theresa's Rhinestone Place cards

Theresa is hosting a small gathering for a group of lovely ladies- and she asked me to create rhinestone place cards.

Using a Gold metallic base, the tent style cards showcased an Aqua middle layer and a white top layer with black printing. An aqua ribbon held a circle rhinestone buckle. Simplistic details add to an overall elegant design.

Have a great party!

Kaitlyn's Birthday Party invites

Every now and then, i get to create things for those i personally know and love... and this time, i was able to create birthday invitations for my Daughter :)

Kaitlyn is turning three in May and is OBSESSED with The Mouse and his friends- so picking a theme for her birthday party was quite easy.

I have a list a mile long of things i want to create for her party, but-- first things first! the invites!
using a red metallic cardstock as a base, black metallic mouse ears were cut out and used as a middle layer of the invite. the top layer, made out of a white matte cardstock, included all of the party info, as well as a printed "ribbon" along the bottom and a mouse head with her new age in the center.
the final touch was a red and white bow along the top of the mouse head. Quite Miss Mouse, if you ask me ;)

Happy birthday to my baby girl-- and i am sure they'll be more pictures as the time gets closer to the party ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terri and Jonathan Scroll Programs

Terri and Jonathan are renewing their wedding vows-- and they asked me to create their ceremony programs. Using matte white paper, the light pink monogram in the center of the program adds a great detail to the black fonts and small graphics-- including the small fleur de lis along the bottom of the page.

a light pink ribbon is also included to hold the scroll shape once the programs are assembled.

congrats to the bride and groom!

Beckie and Chris Scroll Programs

Beckie and Chris elected our scroll programs for their wedding ceremony. Using an upgraded metallic champagne paper as the base of the program, all of the wording was printed in a deep brown font. the monogram is a lovely taupe color.

A white ribbon is also included so the scrolls can be rolled, and keep it's shape.

congrats to the happy couple!

Amy and Jeremy Gate Fold programs

Amy and Jeremy chose our gate fold programs for their wedding ceremony.

The program has six "sides" for info. the cover
includes their names,
wedding date and all of the ceremony info. once opened,
the right side includes a quote. once opened further, the left side includes the wedding party, the center panel showcases the order of the ceremony, and the right side has the couple's thank you notes. the back adds a note about the reception following the ceremony.
the program is printed on metallic white paper.

to hold the program closed, a green wrap closure with their names was also created.... unfortunately, i was too excited to get photos WITH the wrap closure (yes, i packed and shipped before i snapped some "complete package" photos!!).

congrats to the happy couple (and, again-- can you please send me some "good" pictures?)

Jessica and Eric Cut-Out Programs

Jessica and Eric chose our cut-out programs for their wedding programs.
I am a little disappointed--the photos (the lack-of-wonderful lighting) do not do a justice for these super cute programs.
A ruby purple cover surrounds 4 champagne colored layers of the program. the first insert page includes an introduction of their event, and dont forget their initials which are shown through the cut-out on the cover :) the second page includes the wedding participants while the third page showcases the wedding ceremony order. the last page includes a short thank you and a wonderful quote.
the program is tied together with a light spring green ribbon.

Congrats to the bride and groom (and send me some better pictures please! hehe)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laci and Neil- layered wedding programs

Laci and Neil chose our three layer wedding programs for their big day!

using a white metallic paper as the backdrop, their wording was showcased in black and "bright" green fonts. A black and white damask pattern is printed on the top of all three pages. A bright green ribbon is laced through the pages to hold them together.
The first page showcased their names and a monogram- it also included the details of the ceremony (date/time/place).
The second page included the order of the ceremony, and a beautiful quote to showcase a romantic mood.
The third page includes all of the wedding participants, including parents, grandparents, wedding party, and honored guests.

Congrats to the happy couple and best of luck to you both!

Thank You cards for Landon

i am sure i have said this before, but i love referrals. nothing is more satisfying to know that clients liked your work enough to tell their closest friends and family.
... and a referral is exactly how i "met" Jamie.

Jamie is throwing a barnyard birthday party for her little boy, Landon. She provided me the graphic, and i did a little tweaking to create some fill-in-the-blank thank you cards.

Printed on white matte cardstock, these single layer flat cards (approx 4.25x5.5" in size) will be perfect (and easy!) for Mom to fill out in a flash! white envelopes were also provided.

Happy birthday Landon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Top Graphics, Swirls, and Damask Patterns

I have access to over 1 million graphics, so sometimes picking graphics can be a little overwhelming!
to help, i have attached our top 82 graphics- they include swirls, damask, vintage, and a few in-between.

...and i have more, if these are just "not it" for your event's paper goods.

Please note these are low quality jpegs- i can send you PDF samples to give you a better idea of the graphics if you are interested. Colors can be adjusted to fit your color scheme.

Our Top Fonts!

I have WELL over 700 fonts, and i constantly add more to my collection... but, it seems that there are a small list of "tried and true" fonts that keep coming back.
Here is a listing of our 52 most popular fonts.

...and i have more, if these are just "not it" for your event!

Please note these are low quality jpegs- i can send you PDF samples to give you a better idea of the fonts if you are interested.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jessica and Michiel offset wedding programs

Jessica and Michiel loved our new offset wedding programs. Using a white metallic paper as the base, black and bright pink/fuchsia ink was printed on the program. The front cover included their names and the ceremony location with a beautiful script monogram as the background. Their wedding date was printed on the inner layer of the program, but due to the folding of the program, you can see it from the front cover.
The inside of the program included their wedding party as well as there ceremony order. The back side of the program showcased a thank you note to their guests and a small note about her flowers and how they were so important to her (very touching!).

Congrats to the happy couple and best of luck to you both!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY PDF files for many of our items!

Let's face it-- weddings are expensive and the economy still isnt what it used to be. we all have to do a reality check when it comes to finances. But Brides do not want to compromise when it comes to their big day... so i wanted to help!

i went through my etsy store and created a bunch of DIY wedding items. You pick the item, provide the information, i send you a PDF ready for printing, and with a couple of family members or bridemaids, you create your wedding items within your budget. A pretty good compromise, if you ask me!
With a one time set up/design fee... you get a royalty free PDF that you can print as many times as you need. Great for a bride on a budget, especially if you have a little "Do-it-yourselfer" in you!

Recently, I sold a PDF program for our very popular modern four layer program. Provided to the bride as a 8.5x11" PDF, she created these beautiful programs. she printed them on cardstock, rounded the edges, added an eyelet and a ribbon.... check out what you can do!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three styles of Candle lanterns/luminaries

This weekend i was able to print three different styles of our candle lanterns! Even though all of the lanterns are made with the same light cream/ivory vellum, each is unique-- just like each of the brides who purchased them. Talk about custom :)

For Candis, we started with the damask lanterns and removed the "table number" from the design. instead, we added a watermarked damask design and a bible quote in the center of the lantern. The black ink is a great contrast from the gray watermark and the vellum.

Tiffany loved the look of our classic table number luminaries, but needed a color adjustment to better fit her theme. Each lantern includes "Table" and the number, all printed in an espresso brown ink.

For Racquel, she elected for the customized table number lanterns. each lantern has the standard "Table" and then the number... but at the bottom, she customized them with the couple's names and their wedding date. Again, all in black ink.

I am excited and proud to be able to offer custom items in my etsy shop. i love the fact that we can create quality items to fit each bride's (and groom's!) theme and personality-- and keep the items within their budget. i love my job!

congrats to all of the couples!