Friday, October 31, 2014

Shira and Yoni's Programs, menus, and table numbers

Shira and Yoni loved our offset and monogram programs, but they were too small for their needs. They also loved our gate fold programs, but decided a simpler, single-fold program was more fitting for their ceremony.  We combined the ideas and created a single fold program with a wrap closure.

Using a white metallic base for the program, we added champagne watermarks under the black ink.  A champagne wrap closure with the couple's monogram design was also included.
The first page included the couple's information. The inside details the wedding party on the left side of the program and information describing the ceremony on the right. The back of the program includes a thank you note to their guests, as well as a memorial to those close to the couple.

Keeping the design, a single layer menu was created around the couple's monogram.  The menu's fonts and colors matched those of the program. 

Also created, (unfortunately, not pictured!) single layer table numbers to match the programs.

Best of luck to the happy couple as they start their life together! :)

Amber and Ryan's Gate fold Programs

Amber and Ryan chose our gate fold programs for their wedding.  With classic and clean lines and colors, these programs will add a elegant flair to their big day.

White programs showcased their black and grey ink color choices. The Gold wrap closure added a punch of color.

Congrats to the bride and groom to be!

Jesse and John's Modern 4-layer Programs

Jesse and John loved our modern 4-layer programs.  We customized the cover to resemble their "great gatsby feel" wedding.
Navy and deep purple printing on Cream colored cardstock, the layers were attached together using a silver brad.
The first page included the information of the wedding. The second and third pages detailed their wedding party and ceremony order, respectfully.  The last page included a thank you note to their guests.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lindsey and Wesley's Scroll Programs

Once again, i had the honor of working with the Mother of the Bride on some wedding programs!

we worked on a scroll program, using the etsy sample as our starting point- we used the same colors and fonts :) The program was printed on cream paper and a purple ribbon was included for rolling the programs.

Best of luck to the new couple and congrats to the parents of the bride and groom for welcoming their new son/daughter in laws into the family! best of luck to all of you.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Aubrey and Tyler's gate fold programs

I had the pleasure of working with the mother of the bride on these elegant wedding programs!

Matching the invitations and the feel of the couple's wedding, we decided on a white program with a silver belly band. The font on the programs is black, with the exception of the grey monograms printed on both the program and belly band.

The front cover introducing the event with the couple's names, wedding date and location.  The programs open to showcase a scripture verse on the right side.  when fully opened, the inside of the program has the wedding party, ceremony order, in memory section, and a brief thank you note to their guests.
The back of the program includes the reception location as well as the couple's new address.


Congrats to the bride and groom! and a special thanks to the mother of the bride for finding us and being an absolute pleasure to work with :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jessica and Brian's custom folded programs

one thing about me that everyone should know: I love a creative challenge. I think it's the reason i became an engineer and loved my Research and Development job back in the day ( from my past-life of pre-kids!).  I love seeing an idea and hearing the words "Make this work."  It makes me all gitty inside. i'm weird but i know that already ;).

Jessi must have known this about me before we ever "met".  She forwarded this photo, and asked if i could make something similar in their colors.

Challenge accepted!

And here is the final product:

There was a long time between initial quoting and actually making/ordering the materials.  Somewhere in that time, the ease of finding their Navy cardstock moved from "easy" to "umm.... oh crap!" and the internet searching began. I was able to find these large "z-fold" folders as a starting point.

I cut the entire length down 1/4" to help paper utilization of the inner layers. Then, i cut the left side down for the fold over and ribbon location.  I also cut the right side down to allow the layer to fold under the flap while not interfering with the ribbon.

The three white layers on the left side included a title page introducing the event, the wedding party, and a page devoted to special notes including reception information, a heart felt thank you and a remembrance section for those in their hearts.  These pages are attached to the navy cover by the pink ribbon ( hole punched and laced/tied).

The ceremony order is included on the right side of the program and is attached to the navy cover using adhesive.

I love the way this program came out- i love the color combo to add a punch of color without being overdone. simple elegance with a wow-factor ;)

Congrats to the bride and groom!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Kim's Bless the Bride invitations

Most of my clients find me online through Etsy... and i only get to "meet" them via emails-- BUT,  Every now and then i get to make stuff for people that i know personally. This just happens to be one of those kinda orders. :)

Kim and my mom have been friends since ( i believe) 1st grade. Even though Kim and her family have moved all over the USA, they have always remained close.  So close, in fact, that Kim and her husband were invited to my sister's wedding last month!

After receiving Deanna and Phil's invite, Kim asked me to make a "Bless the Bride" invite for her-- and this is what we came up with:

Simple Elegance :) The two layer invitation consists of a Gold metallic back layer and a white top layer. The cross is printed in a gold color, and all the wording is in black.

Rhinestones were placed around the cross to add some sparkle and texture.  The outer rhinestones were placed just off the cross, leaving a small space between the cross and the rhinestones. The inner rhinestones were placed on the ends of the center "x".

The invitations also included mailing envelopes with the return address printed on the back flap.

What a great way to honor the bride and groom-to-be :)  Congrats to them!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Deanna and Phil's wedding programs, place cards, favor tags, and more!

My sister and new "brother" got married last week-- and i had the honor of making lots of the "extras" for their big day!!!!
 Here's an overview!!!!

Wedding Programs:  A mini booklet! The purple cover matches perfectly with their invites and the rest of the wedding goodies!
A champage outer tag included their monogram and a single clear rhinestone for a perfect amount of sparkle.  The 8 page program was tied together with an ivory ribbon.

Their program includes a cover page introducing the event....
...the ceremony order...
...the wedding party...
...a memorial section for their loved ones....
...and a heartfelt thank you to their guests. 

During the ceremony, the couple had a unity candle ceremony.  To create their keepsake candle, we used their new initial as a focal point and added their favorite quote along with their names and wedding date underneath.  Ruby purple ribbon was tied around the candle and two rhinestones on the "G" were the final touches.  2 coordinating taper candles were also included.

AND on to the reception!!!!
As the guests walked in, it was a total "awe-factor" moment. everything looked beautiful! AND you should have seen the dessert table.... AH-MAZE-ING!!!!!

The DJ was able to shine their monogram ( created by us) onto the wall by the new Mr. and Mrs. (and their parents) in the greeting line!

Place cards and table numbers were made with the same Plum and champagne papers as the rest of the goodies.  The place cards are single fold tent style. 

Coordinating table numbers led the guests to their tables. Each 5x7" card was double sided and included the Plum and Champagne colors that are placed throughout the day.  Each table number included 2 rhinestone jewels on each side for just a touch of sparkle :)

Once the guests arrived at their tables, they found their "bomboniere"- the traditional Italian Jordan Almond gift.  Each little jordan almond favor was attached to a beautiful oil drizzler.  We made the coordinating tags:)
The front of the tag included their monogram, names and wedding date. The inside of the tag described the meaning of the jordan almonds.  The back of the tag was a short and sweet "thank you" note. 

And finally, now that they are husband and wife, they have to thank all of their guests for their wonderful gifts. A simple A2 sized card was created with their colors and graphic. The inside of the cards are blank allowing the new couple to write their sentiments.  The bride and groom were gracious enough to allow us to print our website address on the back of their cards.
The couple also received new Mr. and Mrs. return address labels to add the final touch to their final wedding task. 

Again, congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. G. :) love you both!!!!