Thursday, February 27, 2014

Anabela and David's Scroll Programs

Anabela and David loved the look of our very popular scroll wedding programs! They loved the size/proportions of the Mini scroll, but felt they had too much information for that size-- so we created a special program size!
This 5.5"x11" program is slightly larger than the Mini Scroll, but smaller than the full size Scroll program.

Printed on cream paper, their information is printed in Black ink with light pink accents. A light pink ribbon was also included for rolling the programs into its final shape.

Congrats to the bride and groom!

Christine's Shower Invitations

A long time ago, in a not so far away land, there were a group of girls in high school who were the best of friends. their names were Stephanie, Christine, and Lindsay. They were in many classes together ( including Band!), worked together at the community college, and gathered every wednesday night to watch Dawson's Creek.  After high school, they gradually lost touch, but those memories are still in my heart
Fast forward a decade and a half: we found each other on facebook!! Lindsay married one of my high school friends ( i introduced them!), and Christine is planning her wedding and wanted me to make her invites! i was/am so honored!!!

First up? the Bridal Shower!  Christine wanted something simple to go with the light pink, silver, and black theme.  We came up with this single layer invite:

Printed on white cardstock, the pink damask border is accented with a gray border. The wording is in a deep gray color and is in a fun/classy/perfect font for a school teacher ( and she STILL has amazing handwriting! not fair!).

We also created a seating chart poster- including the same fonts and graphics from the invite. (not pictured)

I'm so happy our paths crossed once again! Congrats!! ;)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Basic Sketch #2 Submission

Back to scrappin'! 

i found some time this week to finish a 2 page spread, using Kiwi Lane's sketch as a springboard.

i'm so excited that (1.) i finished a layout with pics from 2011 (2.) used lots of scrap papers and (3) was able to use the title, spider, and web that i cut out a LOOOONG time ago!
i was able to use Kiwi's Scallops template too :)
it's a good day ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Basic Sketch #1 Submission

y'all know by now that i love love love scrapbooking....
well, last week was TOTAL craziness with so many invites and programs coming out of my studio ( most posts on that- after the brides send them out ;) )-- so i took this past week "off" from the business and allowed some fun "me time" scrapbooking. ahhhhhh.

One page I was able to finish captured last year's pumpkin picking with my girls. i used Kiwi Lane's "basic sketch" as my springboard....

my design also include use of Kiwi Lane's "scallops" and "happy trails" templates along the bottom.
Happy Scrappin' :)