Monday, April 25, 2016

Scrap Challenge- Organize!

Every week i am posting a new challenge. let's get out of our scrapbooking "go-to-box".  Let's do less pinning and dreaming..... actually MAKE something.   even a little part of a project is better than nothing ;)

new challenge!!!

i am hoping you are enjoying these challenges as much as i am. it's pulling me out of my scrappy comfort zone and holding me responsible for actually doing SOMETHING crafty each week. i'm loving it. smile emoticon

this week, i am going to challenge you to work on your scrappy/crafty SPACE. Maybe you are like me, and need to CLEAN/ORGANIZE your desk or floor... or maybe finally tackle that "i'll put this away later" pile that is now out of control!... maybe your mess is digital (oh the photos i need to print!)...
or maybe you have a clean space already and want to add photos or wall decor that inspires you ( and if that is you, and you are bored, i have lots of things that need some cleaning! haha)

look at your space and choose one pile, one corner, one shelf to clean and organize.... or, pick one season ( go find all of your "summer" paper and put it together) or color to focus on. ,,, or, if you have everything scattered around your house, maybe make a plan to put everything in one spot. maybe you want to organize photos into piles, etc.
Maybe you have been on pinterest and have a ton of ideas you want to try-- pick ONE and see where that leads you wink emoticon
or, if you already have keep/donate/sell piles ( usually suggested for any kind of organizing projects)-- list your stuff on this site ( or bump!), or donate those supplies, or load up your recycle bin!

so YOU need to pick what YOU need to work on to make sure you have the organization you want.

Yes, you can always go back to past challenges, but let's remember this challenge is designed for a ONE WEEK time period. so... pick a manageable project ( aka. dont expect that everything is going to look perfect in 7 days!!!!!). if you finish your small project early, then you can always add more to your goal! we want this project to be encouraging, not overwhelming.

So.. if you're brave, upload a "before" pic... and then let's see an "after" pic.
here's to getting our space back! and then next week, we can be just THAT more organized to work on the next challenge!

My response?

i have a pile of 12x12 papers that have been collecting in a "i need to put this away" pile....sooo...i need to put away!!
the pile is waaay bigger than it looks;)Steph Bst's photo.
...i totally "if you give a mouse a cookie"-ed this challenge.

oh look, this goes here, but then i need to move this, oh shoot that doesn't fit so i need a new box, ill just move this stuff.....wink emoticon

with some focus, i FINALLY was able to put away all those papers-- some went into my "for sale" pile, some into my "donate" pile.. and the rest in various organized drawers/filing folders based on subject or color ;)

Phew! feels good to have that 12x12" space back on my desk/floor ( or wherever i moved it to to get it out of my way instead of just putting it away weeks ago!)

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