Monday, April 25, 2016

Scrap Challenge- Bring the Heat!

Every week i am posting a new challenge. let's get out of our scrapbooking "go-to-box".  Let's do less pinning and dreaming..... actually MAKE something.   even a little part of a project is better than nothing ;)

new challenge!!!

We live in South East Michigan. we have super crazy weather ( it's not uncommon to wear shorts and a snowboots in one week! yes, the temp changes that much!!!!)

Anywho...during spring break this year--- there were icicles hanging from our swing set. not cool. i'm over winter. it was 70 the week before. 

So, the challenge this week.....
in the words of Olaf..."let's bring back summer! ” summertime, sun,outdoor activities, beach, pool..... you get the idea;) warm me up.

My response....

Well, with the kids at home for their spring break and not exactly the ideal outdoor weather ( cold, wet, and just plain icky), i didnt get that much done. I bought a few "summer /beach" SVG files from some online designers, adding to my "i hope i cut these one day" collection.....

i pulled a kit from my overeager "i can get this done along with 50 other kits at my scrap retreat" left over kits;).... a lot of the pics are already cut, and the background is cut, inked and assembled. hmmm...wonder why it was back in the bag? guess im gonna find out soon enough!!

Steph Bst's photo.

With the page half done, i was able to finish it during my son's nap time!
Steph Bst's photo.
This page just makes me excited for July, which means camping, smores, and lots of family time outside ;)  ahhhh.. i can smell the sunscreen already ;)
wink emoticonSteph Bst's photo.

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