Monday, April 25, 2016

Scrap Challenge- STARS!

new challenge !!!!!wink emoticon 


the shape, the things in night sky, the shooting ones, the twinkling ones, the Hollywood type, Hans or Chewywink emotic or even those performers on stage... Let's see your Stars!;) , or even those performers on stage... Let's see your Stars!

Remember to post pics so we can all OOoooh and AAAaaaahhh..

My response??

My oldest daughter is having 2 American Girl themed birthday parties ( one family, one friends) in the next 3 weeks, and since the AG slogan is something about "finding your inner star...",  i wanted to use this challenge to get ahead. :)

For every one of my kid's parties, i have created an "autograph" page. i decorate a 12x12" page to match the theme of the party, and add a large white section for all the guests to add their well wishes and notes ;)

Right now. it's fun to see what they say! it's also a great and personal way to document who came to the party.
Not to sound morbid, but let's face it.... we do not know what tomorrow holds. i still have a few birthday cards from my grandparents- something about seeing their handwriting brings a smile to my face. One day ( hopefully a long time from now), my kids will read sentiments and smile with thoughts of great memories ;) 

Post party page..... :)
and this one is ready for the scrapbook ;)

smile emoticonGreat Star Layout:

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